AIGNEP blowguns to maximize safety, performance and operator comfort

Using blowguns for extended periods in the workplace can cause unnecessary injury.

The Aignep 363 Safety blow gun is an ergonomic and lightweight blow gun aimed at reducing this fatigue from long term work.

The best safety solution in industrial cleaning.



Put an end to manually draining your Air Compressor Tank

The Aignep 90975 Timer Controlled Condensate Valve Kit is an efficient solution to automatically remove condensate from compressed air systems, compressors and receivers up to maximum 17 bar.

A combined Solenoid valve, Timer and integrated ball-valve in a single body with swivel male adaptor and removable mesh filter.

Supplied fully assembled and tested with 240V AC Coil Connectors and flex cable the 90975 is designed for easier installation.

90975 Timer Drain Kit details.

Get to know AIGNEP “Universal Short” Threads

AIGNEP “Universal Short” Tapered thread is a unique thread developed by AIGNEP to allow one fitting to be used in either NPT or BSP threads.

Key Benefits:


  • Can be used with NPT or BSP thread types
  • Reduced overall length
  • No need to identify thread type (decrease downtime, increase productivity)
  • Can be used with Parallel or Tapered threads

All 4 thread types will be accepted by the same “Universal Short” thread. Making installation a breeze. See our range of AIGNEP fittings¬†using Universal Short Threads.

ATP Hip-Joint allows free movement of hand-held air tools

The new ATP Hip-Joint allows incredible free movement of hand-held air tools.

Key Benefits:


  • 2 Axis Flexibility from straight to full right angle
  • Free rotation even under pressure
  • Full bore air flow
  • Hardened Steel for durability
  • Cost effective

3 Models are available in our range.