Standard Polyethylene LLDPE Tube

Fluidfit Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) tubing is made from 100% non-toxic ingredients. Its inert nature and FDA compliant status makes it perfect for food, water and beverage piping not requiring NSF certification. It is ideal for use in pneumatic, drain piping, lab use and chemical transfer applications which require an inexpensive tubing.

Polyethylene is highly-resistant to stress cracking from chemicals, aging and ultraviolet exposure. For use with barb-type, push-to-connect or compression-style fittings.



  • Chemically Inert Material
  • Great Chemical Resistance
  • Lightweight & Flexible
  • Impermeable To Gases
  • Meets FDA Requirements
  • Good Dielectric Properties



Working Temperature Range: -20 to 70ºC
Hardness: Shore A 98A; Shore D 45D
Tolerance: +/- 0.1mm

Colours Available


  • Black
  • Natural
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • White


Part Number Size ODxID (mm) Operating Pressure Roll Length (Metres)
PE0425-Colour 4 x 2.5 170psi 200m
PE0640-Colour 6 x 4 170psi 100m
PE0860-Colour 8 x 6 170psi 100m
PE1070-Colour 10 x 7 170psi 100m
PE1290-Colour 12 x 9 170psi 100m


Imperial Sizes


Part Number Size ODxID (inch) Operating Pressure Roll Length (Metres)
PE5/32-Colour 5/32″x.1” 170psi 200m
PE3/16-Colour 3/16”x.125” 170psi 200m
PE1/4-Colour 1/4″x.17” 170psi 100m
PE5/16-Colour 5/16″x.216” 170psi 100m
PE3/8-Colour 3/8”x.25” 170psi 100m
PE1/2-Colour 1/2”x.375” 170psi 100m