Timer Drain Valve Kit

The 90975 Timer Controlled Condensate Valve is an efficient solution to automatically remove condensate from compressed air systems, compressors and receivers up to maximum 17 bar.

A combined Solenoid valve, Timer and integrated ball-valve in a single body with swivel male adaptor and removable mesh filter.

Supplied assembled with 240V AC Coil Connectors and flex cable the 90975 is designed for easier installation.



  • Analogue type manually adjustable timer
  • On adjustment 0.5sec to 10secs
  • Repeat adjustment 1min to 45min
  • Stainless mesh washable strainer
  • Barrel Union male thread for easy installation
  • Made in Italy

90975-1/2-CU Kit Includes the following:


  • 1/2″ Valve body with integrated ball valve (Aignep Part: 90975)
  • AC240v 21Kva coil with LED Din plug
  • Analogue Timer (Aignep Part: 90985)
  • 2.8m 10A Flex cable with plug
  • 90 degree elbow fitting



Model number: 90975-1/2-CU
Valve Body: Brass
Seals: NBR
Armature: 13mm diam Stainless-steel
Orifice: 3mm diam
Max working pressure: 17 bar (145psi)
Max operating temp: 80 degrees C (Not Freezing)
Coil: AC240v AC21Va class H
Plug: DIN LED+VDR220-240v IP65
Flex cable: 10A 2.8m
Media: Air, Inert Gas, Water max 75C,
Mineral Oils, Diesel
Ball Valve: Aignep Ghilux integrated
Inlet/Outlet ports: 1/2″ BSPT
Timer unit: Analogue class IP65-EN6052