CBP-Series Hose Fittings

ATPCBP-Series are re-usable fittings specifically designed for Paint/Air hoses. For hoses, refer to our Air/Paint Hoses. Supplied standard with spring wire kink protectors.



Media: Paint/Compressed Air
Working Temperature Range: -5 to 60ºC (Air)
Maximum Working Pressure: 220 psi (15 bar)
Burst Pressure: 290 psi (20 bar)



Main Body: Nickel Plated Brass

CBP-Series Hose Fittings


Female Nut & Tail 60º Seat:

Part Number PU Hose Size – Air Thread
CBP20F-8×12-FD 8×12 mm 1/4 Par
CBP20F-9.5×14-FD 9.5×14 mm 1/4 Par
Part Number PU Hose Size – Paint Thread
CBP30F-7.5×11-FD 7.5×11 mm 3/8 Par
CBP30F-9.5×14-FD 9.5×14 mm 3/8 Par