ATP Free-Angle

ATPThis unique fitting design was developed primarily for air tools in assembly line applications.

Operators of these tools run an increased risk of cumulative trauma disorders (CTD’s) due to repetitive motion,
vibration and pressure from the weight of the tool and supply hose.

Our newly-designed steel cover protects the rotating joint better than the original polyurethane cover.



  • 360° circular rotation and 45° angled rotation
  • Helps alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome and back stress resulting in fewer lost-time injuries
  • Lightweight, streamlined design protects against finished surface mutilation
  • Two rotation points to prevent kinking of the supply line (Free-Angle only)
  • Chrome-Plated Steel construction for long service life
  • Steel dust cover protects rotating joint



Media: Air Only
Working Temperature Range: 0 to 60ºC
Maximum Working Pressure @20ºC: 145 psi (1.0 Mpa)
Inner Diameter: 7.9 mm

ATP Free-Angle


Threaded Type:

Part Number Thread 1 Thread 2
FJ-2M2F 1/4 Male BSP 1/4 Female BSP
FJ-3M3F 3/8 Male BSP 3/8 Female BSP
FJ-2M2M 1/4 Male BSP 1/4 Male BSP
FJ-3M3M 3/8 Male BSP 3/8 Male BSP


Coupling Type (Japan JIS Profile):

Part Number Thread Plug
FP-2M 1/4 Male BSP Japan JIS Profile Plug
FP-2FF 1/4 Female Parallel (Spraygun) Japan JIS Profile Plug


Coupling Type (Euro Profile):

Part Number Thread Plug
FP-2M-C320 1/4 Male BSP Euro C320 Profile Plug