Short and Long Nozzle – Air Blow Gun (AE4 to AE40)

ATPShort and Long Nozzle General Purpose Air Blow Gun.

4″ to 40″ Models available. Lightweight, Low Noise Output, Encapsulated Metal Inlet threads to ensure durability.



Colour: Black/Red
Maximum Temperature: 60ºC
Working Pressure: 50-120 psi (4 – 8 bar)
Maximum Working Pressure: 220 psi (15 bar)
Air Inlet: 1/4″ BSP
Air Consumption at 90psi: 11cfm (310L/min)
Noise Level at 90psi: 76dBA



Main Body: P.O.M. Plastic
Nozzle: 6mm Steel
Air Inlet: Brass

Short – Long General Purpose Air Blow Gun


Part Number Port Size Height (H) Width (W) Nozzle Length (L) Nozzle (OD)
AE04 1/4″ BSP 110mm 130mm 4″/100mm 6mm
AE12 1/4″ BSP 110mm 130mm 12″/300mm 6mm
AE20 1/4″ BSP 110mm 130mm 20″/500mm 6mm
AE30 1/4″ BSP 110mm 130mm 30″/750mm 6mm
AE40 1/4″ BSP 110mm 130mm 40″/1000mm 6mm